Hull & Machinery Insurance

The Hull & Machinery insurance covers the assured’s economic interest in the vessel and its appurtenances and equipment.
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The Hull & Machinery insurance covers the assured’s economic interest in the vessel and its appurtenances and equipment. Cover is offered for total loss and partial loss of the insured property. The Hull & Machinery insurance also contains cover for liabilities to third parties; namely the assured’s liability for collisions and liabilities for a vessel’s striking fixed or floating objects. The scope of cover may also be tailored in accordance with the assured’s needs for insurance.

P&I Insurance (Protection & Indemnity)

P&I insurance covers the legal liability towards third parties which is incurred during the operation of the vessel.
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P&I cover responds to liability for damage or loss which the assured has caused to others. The purpose of P&I insurance is to shield the assured from the risk of his liability to others arising from his maritime activities. During the second half of the 19th century, the hull cover available on the insurance market left the shipowner exposed to a portion of the liabilities caused by a collision. To close this gap and to cover other liabilities, shipowners founded new insurance facilities based on the concept of mutuality, the P&I Clubs. Nowadays, new set-ups have been established who have waived the mutuality concept and act as so-called fix-premium Underwriters. Basically, both alternatives offer the same scope of coverage like

  • Loss or damage to cargo
  • Pollution
  • Death and personal injury to crew and passengers
  • Removal of wreck
  • Stowaways
  • Fines and lots more.


Based on the spirit of the first P&I clubs, we mutually find the best alternative for your insurance requirements.

Charterer`s Liability

Charterer`s Liability Insurance is a protection and indemnity insurance for the charterer which arises from the risks of the charter contract.
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If a charterer hires a vessel, he will be the contractual partner to the cargo interests. Thus he sees himself exposed to a large number of risks which he is able to cover with a charterer’s liability insurance. The charterer`s liability insurance covers risks of the charter-party such as

  • Collision damages to the ship,
  • Personal injuries,
  • Damage to third-party cargo,
  • Wreck removal costs,
  • Contamination damage,
  • Penalties,etc.


This insurance differentiates between time charter and voyage charter insurance.

Loss of Hire

Loss of Hire Insurance protects the shipowner from a daily loss of income arising from physical damage to the vessel.
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The Loss of Hire insurance completes the cover offered by the Hull & Machinery insurance. One consequence of the vessel not being able to trade is that there is no hire coming in. The loss of hire cover offers the opportunity for owners and charterers to bridge the gap between a disruption in the ship's operations and the financial impact of the same. The extent of the insurance and the premium are the result of the daily indemnity during a certain period per casualty and per policy year.

War Risk Insurance

The war risk cover provides the shipowner with insurance against war perils during situations of war or war-like conditions.
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War perils are typically excluded under the standard Hull and Machinery conditions, making it essential for the shipowner to buy cover against war risks separately. The war risk cover provides the shipowner with insurance against cases of damage as a consequence of war-like hostilities, civil unrest, sabotage, terrorism, arrest, seizure etc. during situations of war or war-like conditions. Due to the dramatic increase in pirate attacks, the risk of piracy may be included in the war risk insurance. There are numerous exclusion zones under the war risk insurance. The entering of such exclusion zones needs to be notified to the war risk insurers in advance, in order not to jeopardize the cover.

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance 

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance protects shipowners against the financial loss that can arise when their crew and/or vessel is seized or detained for ransom.
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Attacks on ships by pirates have increased significantly in recent years, especially in the Gulf of Aden and off West and East Africa. There is an option of offering insurance for single trips as well as in the form of annual coverage. In order to minimize the economic risk, the Kidnap and Ransom insurance covers, besides the payment of ransom, the following additional risks:

  • Loss of the ransom on the way to handing it over
  • The costs and outlays for a crisis management consultant
  • Legal advice and medical fees
  • Costs of convalescence and rehabilitation
  • Support and care of the crew
  • Interest accrued for loans that the policyholder had to take out in order to advance the payment of the insured ransom
  • and many more.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

The Electronic Equipment Insurance covers the economic risk of damages to the electronic devices on board of your vessel.
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Either radar, echo sounder or radio system – without electronic devices no modern vessel can fulfill her operational process. Due to the high levels of retention that often come with H&M insurance, it is worth considering the purchase of additional electronic insurance to minimize the financial loss. Besides others, this insurance provides cover for damages such as

  • Overvoltage damage
  • Lightning
  • Operational mistakes / handling errors
  • Negligence
  • Moisture and dampness damage
  • Vandalism
  • Errors in construction
  • Burglary
  • and many others.

Freight, Demurrage & Defence Insurance 

This insurance covers the costs arising from disputes relating to the ship operations.
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FD&D is often considered to be a subclass of P&I insurance and offers shipowners/managers and operators protection for legal disputes resulting from operating a ship. Among other things, FD&D insurance covers the costs of defending or enforcing claims in disputes on the basis of the following contracts:

  • Charter-Parties
  • Carriage Contracts
  • Cargo Contracts
  • Purchase Contracts
  • Construction Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Salvage Contracts
  • Crew Contracts
  • Bad bunkers
  • and many others.

Crew Insurance

The illness and accident insurance for your crew.
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The crew insurance covers the claims brought against the shipowner or the crew manager by crew members on the basis of their employment contracts. As an employer you are responsible for your crew. With our crew insurance you take the best possible care in case one of the crew is struck by an illness or has an accident, no matter whether on board or on land. The crew insurance covers the costs for medical treatment, invalidity and death. We arrange for medical attendance, assist in repatriation and take care of substitutes. Our ambition is to make sure that the coverage fits in seamlessly with your contractual obligations.

Increased Value/Disbursements or Other Interest Insurance

This marine interest insurance covers various interests of the shipowner and goes beyond hull insurance, e.g. total loss, consumables, and freight.
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In the case of a total loss of an insured vessel, the marine interest insurance refunds a predetermined amount which can be used to bridge any possible financial gaps that may occur in respect of

  • a replacement with an equivalent vessel, 
  • general average contributions or
  • when covering the excess of a collision liability. 


The maximum amount which can be insured under the marine interest insurance is limited and depends on the sum insured under the H&M cover.


Yacht and Pleasure Craft Insurance

Either yacht, super yacht and pleasure craft – we will find the insurance solution which suits you best.
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In order to provide shipowners with the most comprehensive cover available, we are constantly revising your insurance options.

The yacht-, super yacht- and pleasure craft insurance includes

  • Hull insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Crew and passenger insurance
  • and many others.

Cargo Insurance

The cargo insurance focuses on the goods being imperilled during transport or associated storage.
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The cargo insurance focuses on the goods being imperilled during transport or associated storage. In accordance with the agreed conditions, cargo insurance provides worldwide cover for damages and loss of any merchandise during transportation from place of origin to final destination, during transshipments of the goods and any temporary storage which may be necessary. The scope of cover includes but is not limited to

  • Damage to or loss of the cargo
  • Accident of the carriage
  • Fire
  • Wrong delivery
  • Theft
  • Strike and terror


For these and all other risks, we would be pleased to draw up a tailor-made cover concept in compliance with your individual requirements.

Further available insurances

Due to our special network we are in the comfortable position to also provide you with non-marine and private insurances.

We would be pleased to design your individual insurance solutions for your personal requirements.